Saving Money on Detergents is Easy

By Billy Henderson

It's the smaller purchases that keep us in the poor house. Use these proven techniques to buy laundry detergents and you will be saving money and being savvy in no time.

Most of us barely soil a garment before throwing it in the washer. Although experts may recommend a name brand product, a generic brand at a fraction of the cost will work just fine.

Since laundry detergents never expire, it is wise to buy more than you need whenever you see them on huge sales. Remember to stack your coupons too if you get a chance.

Not being stuck with one brand saves me tons of money with laundry detergents. I just buy whatever is on sale and at a bargain instead of always thinking about which brand is better.

Big warehouse retailers like Costco almost always will sell them at a discount but just make sure you know it's a big container.

Unless you have a tiny house, buy a bigger container so you don't have to pay a premium for the additional packaging.

I try to use my own measuring cup, especially when I buy a big container because I want to make sure that I use the same amount no matter how much the cups are.

Unless you have kids who play outdoor sports, you really don't need the more expensive heavy duty detergents. Save yourself some money and buy regular.

A dollar saved is a dollar, so wait for discounts even on the special detergents that you don't use that often. Also, make sure you don't waste them even if you run out of regular ones.

Special detergents are convenient but many household products like vinegar, baking soda and toothpaste can help you get some tough stains out too.

If you want the power of the pricey detergents, just add an inexpensive fabric bleach to your generic detergent and it will work great.

Find the cheapest product that can do the job. That's your job. - 30232

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How To Find The Right Washing Machine

By Ian Brawn

A washing machine is a big investment in the home and provides an essential service that has to be reliable and efficient. To get the best machine, therefore, it is important to do through research to get the most suitable one for your requirements. The same applies to all in one washer dryer combo machines where the range is often greater and can be more confusing.

The variety of washing machines on offer in a showroom can be quite overwhelming and make choosing a machine difficult. It is also easy to be talked into buying a less than satisfactory machine. The following is a useful list of things to think about when making your next purchase of machine:

Capacity: Your requirement will depend on the the size of the washing loads and therefore, usually the size of your family. A bigger capacity washing drum cylinder will mean fewer washes resulting in a reduced energy consumption and greater monetary savings.

Machine Effectiveness: Buying an appliance that washes efficiently is probably one of the most important considerations. Having a shortlist of models and doing online research before going the showroom is a surefire way to making sure you get a machine that works as you want.

Appliance Efficiency: This is a very important consideration when buying a machine from both an environmental and financial viewpoint. To make good energy and monetary savings it is worthwhile finding a appliance with a greater efficiency rating.

Additional Features: A lot of appliances come with additional options such as an incorporated dryer, as in the washer dryer appliance or mini washer dryer or a self balancer. Some machines are now even equipped with internet connection capability. They can download wash cycles and it is possible to modify the wash cycle to different items of clothing.

The next step, now armed with the features you wish in a washer or washer dryer combos is to do some research. On the internet is the best and quickest way to do detailed research. Product review sites are a good source for product reviews although be careful because often it is disgruntled customers that enter the remarks which tend to have a negative slant. However, you will often get a balanced overall review if more customers have left comments. A list of around five appliances is the best. A greater number than this will likely cause some confusion when you go to make a purchase. A list will help keep you more focused on what you need when going to buy your machine. - 30232

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You Love Your New Bedding, But How Do You Care For It?

By Peter Nowtoning

You've always wanted a bedroom that looks like the ones in the home beautiful magazines. You've bought your hot bedding and you love it. But how do you care for it to keep it looking hot for years to come?

There are different fabrics in different types of bedding, and different fabrics have different washing requirements. You won't do your silk sheets any favors washing them on hot with spin.

But we're well provided for by the bedding manufacturers. They supply us with proper washing instructions on the bedding. There is always a label that tells us the washing procedure that we need use. You should always write these down as after a while we may not be able to read it. So keep it in the laundry for reference if you forget. And it's possible to forget if you have different types of bedding with different fabrics in the house.

And of course labels can fade, and when you need to remember the wash you can't read it.

Basically there are a few tips that you should follow to get it right. You really don't need to wash in really hot water. Use cool or lukewarm water. It is rare that the sheets are really dirty. And don't use bleach, it harms the fabric.

Use a gently cycle and don't overdo the detergent, sheets don't need a lot of washing.

And it's not necessary normally to use a dryer, unless you can't air dry. If you do then don't dry them to within an inch of their life, it wrinkles bedding. But if you have then throw a damp cloth into the dryer to put some moisture back. Dry your sheets until just dry.

Fold your sheets as soon as they come out of the dryer.

Now a big question. You have a comforter. Should you wash it yourself? Generally no, you can do more harm than good and your washing machine probably isn't big enough. And if you really want to then you must read the washing instructions really carefully, some types of fill must be dry cleaned. Do it wrong and you'll be really disappointed. Down for example should be cleaned at the laundromat. And don't wash it too often, it isn't necessary. And you must use a cover.

The bottom line is that all bedding comes with instructions on the proper care and washing requirements for that type of sheets. Read the instructions and follow them to the letter and you shouldn't go wrong.

Read and follow the washing instructions carefully, don't wash too often, and you'll have a hot looking bedroom into the future, and you'll be using your hot bedding for years. I have some bedding that I still love 20 years after I bought it. - 30232

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You've Bought Hot Bedding. How Do You Care For It?

By Peter Nowtoning

You've always wanted a bedroom that looks like the ones in the home beautiful magazines. You've bought your hot bedding and you love it. But how do you care for it to keep it looking hot for years to come?

Different fabrics used in bedding require different types of care and have different washing requirements. Wash silk in a hot wash and spin, for example, will not do your silk sheets a lot of good.

But we're well provided for by the bedding manufacturers. They supply us with proper washing instructions on the bedding. There is always a label that tells us the washing procedure that we need use. You should always write these down as after a while we may not be able to read it. So keep it in the laundry for reference if you forget. And it's possible to forget if you have different types of bedding with different fabrics in the house.

And labels will most often fade, and when you can't quite remember the washing instructions you can't read the label.

Here' some tips for washing bedding that you can use, but remember always follow the directions on the label. Firstly, sheets are rarely all that dirty, so you don't need to do a full hot wash. Warm or cool water is fine, and remember there's no need for bleach at all.

You don't need a lot of detergent to wash sheets, take it easy, and use a gently cycle.

If you're using a dryer then don't dry your sheets too long. If you do you'll create wrinkles, and if you've done that you can deal with the wrinkles by throwing a damp cloth into the dryer to reintroduce some moisture. Dry sheets till just dry and no more.

As soon as you take your sheets out of the dryer fold them up immediately.

A big question is whether or not you should try to wash your comforter yourself. Generally it isn't advisable, most washing machines are too small and won't do a good job, and you'll be disappointed with the result. It also depends on the type of fill fabric in the comforter, read the washing instructions very carefully, do it wrong and damage the comforter and you'll be disappointed. It is always safer to take it to the laundromat, especially if you have a down filled comforter on your bed. Remember that you don't need to wash your comforter nearly as often as you need to wash your general bedding, especially if you have it in a cover.

But you should always answer any question about washing by reading and following the instructions on the label.

Do that and you'll be using your bedding for years to come, and it will still be looking good. You'll still have that hot looking bedroom. - 30232

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Why The Mini Washer Dryer Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

By Craig Lane

A mini washing machine and dryer is an excellent option if you live in a small space such as a bungalow, flat, cabin or boat. These appliances are ideal where space is critical or minimal. They are particularly popular and fashionable with retirees as they require very little maintenance and cleaning. They are also extremely popular with students living within dormitories and flats.

Separate units tend to use a lot of energy compared to the washing machine and dryer combo units making them an environmentally sound alternative. This likewise makes them ideal if you are on a lower living budget.

The monetary value of a small combined machine is also less than purchasing the separate machines, giving you yet another saving. If you are on a water meter these machines can help you save money as they use less of this resource which also helps the environment. For those living aboard boats or in remote areas, this feature makes them particularly attractive. Along the way I have met people who are following a complete self sufficient lifestyle and have been able to run these off their own generated electricity and from underground water.

Do not be fooled by their small size though. They function efficiently and are up to most tasks of their separate cousins. The mini washer dryer combo certainly pack a punch. In countries such as Europe and Asia where space is of a premium and people tend to live in smaller houses and apartments, these machines have become best sellers.

You will not find as many of these appliances in your local department or appliance store. Therefore, it is worth taking a look on line on sites such as Amazon or Yahoo Shopping to get a good idea of the choices available. On line shops will often provide you with the opportunity of getting a better deal.

Do your research on line beforehand, if you decide to purchase from a conventional store. This way you make a list of the machines you are interested in, and with the features you desire. You can be put under a lot of pressure by the salesperson in the showroom, so having a list can help alleviate this. - 30232

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Clean The Vent Of Your Clothes Drier

By Buddy U. McLellan

Fire at home as a result of ignition occurring in your household home clothes dryer is not only a fairly frequent occurrence and also a means for claims for house property fire damage insurance claims. Yet this frequent causation cause for these home fires is very preventable with routine ongoing maintenance and cleaning of your clothes dryer " be it gas fired or standard electric 110 or 220 volt utility laundry machines.

You would be amazed how just like many people never think of checking the air pressure in their vehicle's tires , take their transmission fluid in their autos for granted for years and years without inspection and routine maintenance that many if not most property owners and renters never think about the dust and lint that fills the exhaust pipes and systems of their homes and abodes. Yet it all very simple , quick and does not take much time or effort at all.

Its like the auto repair writer at a local dealership who refused by any means to advise customers of necessary and standard repairs and maintenance to their vehicles. One day the owner of the dealership instructed the tech writer that by not detailing a worn tire or brakes to an auto owner , that the salesperson might well be responsible for a whole family's death on the highway while stranded on a highway , with a flat tire ,during their upcoming vacation. It all comes down to simple and routine maintenance. Those that do not plan , plan to fail. In this case the result can be a catastrophic fire to one home , several or many , all as result of neglect of simple clothes drier venting cleaning and blowing out of lint and debris.

One step often not though of or adhered to on an ongoing basis , is to simply to work to remove lint and dust from the vent or vents at the rear or back of the appliance. Sure a dryer can be heavy and substantial to move. As well you may not want to rip or damage a linoleum floor. Options - 1 ) when you have the clothes dryer installed - have rollers placed under its base , or if necessary ask for a helping hand before. Muffins and a hot cup of coffee are always a good bait for male helpers. Home made cookies are nice too.

You can never be too sure when it comes to prevention of fires and fires around your home . Do not take your dryer for granted. Prevention steps and tactics before the event are before the event. Imagine the photos you see of families and their friends gathered around damaged and destroyed property , properties and belongings. Smokey the Bear can prevent forest fires and you as a home or property owner can easily prevent drier fires damaging your home and your personal effects. - 30232

Getting Rid Of House Dust Mites

By Dan Winters

House Dust Mite House dust mites are insects that can not be seen with the naked eye but microscopic. They are related to ticks and spiders and live in house dust. House dust mites feed on human skin flakes and can be found in pillows, carpets, mattresses, upholstered furniture, clothes bedcovers, and stuffed toys. They are a major problem and can cause itching, sneezing, watery eyes and wheezing. They are also a common cause of asthma and allergic symptoms. There is no way to completely eliminate dust mites, but there are methods to control them through chemical control.

How to get rid of house dust mites keep bedding clean: as we spend a lot of time in our beds and lose a lot of dead skin while they're there. The best thing to do is to change bed frequently. Do it once a week and wash the bedding in hot water. Hot water will kill dust mites. If cold water is used, all it does is wash away most of the dust mites, but many dust mites will live through it. It is also a good idea to use dust-proof bedding covers and get rid of feather pillows and wool blankets. Avoid drying clothes in your bedroom but make sure they are dried thoroughly before putting away.

All carpeting should be removed, and be replaced with a vinyl or hardwood flooring. Use a limited of scattered rugs but should be washed a few times in a year and if you have hard-wood floors, mop. Don?t sweep. Clean all major appliances such as, air conditioner, and filters. Vacuum all the upholstered furniture to minimize accumulation of dust. Take down and wash your curtains. Keep kitchen and bathroom clean and free of mold.

Control dust mites with temperature and humidity Lower indoor humidity. Dust mites prefer things to be warm and humid. Strive to keep humidity levels low by using ventilation fans, air conditioning and dehumidifiers. It is impossible to get rid of all the dust mites but there are some sprays you can use to use to minimize the number of dust mites.

Look for Steri-Fab or BedLam Insecticide. Both are safe for use indoors and can be sprayed directly on beds and upholstery for killing dust mites. - 30232

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